1. Directory Structure


Fig. 1.1. Linux directory tree

Tab. 1.1. Directory Structure
Path Description
/ Main directory
/bin Buil-in executable files
/boot Boot files and kernel
/etc Configuration directory
/etc/init.d Runtime scripts
/dev Devices and drivers
/home User files
/lib Shared libraries
/opt Optional applications
/root Superuser home directory
/sbin Superuser built-in binary files
/srv Optional services
/tmp Temporary files (removed on startup)
/usr User installed files
/usr/bin Application executable files
/usr/lib Applications data files
/usr/local/bin User installed applications executable files
/usr/local/sbin Superuser installed applications executable files
/usr/sbin Application superuser executable files
/usr/src Application source codes
/var Installed applications files
/var/lock Application lock files
/var/log Applications and system log files
/var/pid Application PID files
/var/spool System spool files (crontab, mail, printer)